Oracle XE for network access

Default install of Oracle XE only allow connection from localhost. For network access you need sysdba access. Login as “system” with propriate password Click the arrow near administration tab Change access into “available from local server and remote connection” and followed by click “Apply Changes” See confirmation message Logout and try login from network.

Livehttpheaders, give me more info please

Download file from internet is fun, it’s make software distribution easy, hassle free for me The problem come when our download manager not working as expected, cookie, session etc that validate downloading process force me many times to do old fashion way for download . After reading blog ( I forgot the link ) , …


Krugle, A search engine for developers

The best way to learn language programming is write the code itself. Many times I see that sentence I take learning by doing model plus copy paste Beside reading manual, forum, chat as place to search for code I like this one : Krugle Krugle approach is very sweet. Krugle offer three tabs: Code Tech …


Configure another extension for php file

While surfing in internet my student see "strange" file extension .love He asked me : "How it could be ?" Well, I told him about another feature of httpd.conf Just open httpd.conf , find this line : AddType application/x-httpd-php .php Change it into AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .love .dear .whatever Save httpd.conf and restart apache You …