Oracle XE for network access

Default install of Oracle XE only allow connection from localhost.

For network access you need sysdba access.

Login as “system” with propriate password

Click the arrow near administration tab

Change access into “available from local server and remote connection” and followed by click “Apply Changes”

See confirmation message

Logout and try login from network.

Livehttpheaders, give me more info please

Download file from internet is fun, it’s make software distribution easy, hassle free for me :-)

The problem come when our download manager not working as expected, cookie, session etc that validate downloading process force me many times to do old fashion way for download .

After reading blog ( I forgot the link ) , I get software name for helping me to get file from or that require authentification before download allowed.


This software is plugin for firefox

Installation process same as other plugin for firefox

Try login to yahoo mail

See http headers

Krugle, A search engine for developers

The best way to learn language programming is write the code itself.

Many times I see that sentence

I take learning by doing model plus copy paste :-)

Beside reading manual, forum, chat as place to search for code I like this one :


Krugle approach is very sweet.

Krugle offer three tabs:

  1. Code
  2. Tech Pages
  3. Projects

I myself like projects result , followed by tech pages then Code ( I know that I’m newbie hahahaha)

Search result for “php ajax” lead me to many interesting place that I never knew .

A search engine for developers. Sweet

Obviously agree!

P.S : If you ask about firefox plugin then it’s your luck day, see the plugin here

Configure another extension for php file

While surfing in internet my student see "strange" file extension .love

He asked me : "How it could be ?"

Well, I told him about another feature of httpd.conf

Just open httpd.conf , find this line :

AddType application/x-httpd-php .php

Change it into

AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .love .dear .whatever

Save httpd.conf and restart apache

You can save your php file as or filename.dear

Setting Oracle XE instant client with XAMPP and Windows XP

I got question from my student :

“Is it possible to try PHP5 and Oracle ? I already have working Xampp in my computer .

I my self install Oracle XE on my computer and grant access for my student .

But I have problem when installing Oracle Client , Oracle XE client need 256 MB memory
Since other plugin takes it and make actual memory to 254 MB.

After reading “The Underground PHP and Oracle Manual ” I got proper solution for my student :

1. Download Oracle instant client for windows

2. Extract the file and put all extracted file into one folder , ex : C:\myoracle10

3. Setting PATH

Right Click on My Computer Icon and choose Properties

Choose Environment Variables

You can edit existing “PATH” variables by double clicking PATH line

Add C:\myoracle10 plus ” ; ” sign

Click OK to save

4. Tell PHP to load oracle extension

Open php.ini in apache/bin folder

Uncomment line php_oci8.dll

Restart XAMPP

Test the connection by running this file : (save as oracle.php)

$c = oci_connect(‘hr’, ‘palcomtech’, ‘//localhost/XE’);
$s = oci_parse($c, ‘select city from locations’);
while ($res = oci_fetch_array($s)) {
echo $res[‘CITY’] . ”

Test it in localhost

You should see city names if no error found .