ZFS and FreeBSD current

Very interesting to see progress of ZFS in FreeBSD, comitted in FreeBSD 7 ( will release in 2007). This excellent job done by Pawel Jakub Dawidek with collaboration with opensolaris  for suitable patch .

Many feature that ZFS offer that make me hard to blink till see last pages of presentation

Pawel also give quick guide to implement ZFS at FreeBSD

How about jails?  Just check this blog for more ilustrative example

For me ZFS will be alternative for storage pools beside gvinum, gconcat or gstripe  with self healing capabilities.

Soon … coming soon I’ll try ZFS, started from updating SRC :-)



P.S : DragonFly will port ZFS too

xcache, another php cache with stable operation orientation

During my last search on eaccelerator progress ( in time of writing 0.9.5) i found new link to another php cache :


since it’s made by author of lighttpd i’m eager to try it out in my freebsd server.

1. updating freebsd ports

2. install from ports

# cd /usr/ports/www/xcache && make install

3. Copying ini file

# cp /usr/local/share/examples/xcache/xcache.ini /usr/local/etc/php/

4. creating md5 password :-)

# md5 -s ‘openbsd’

copy generated md5 into : xcache.ini

# ee /usr/local/etc/php/xcache.ini

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My Metacafe video

I almost forgot that I have account in metcafe.com, a place to publish your video, like youtube.com but with extra hit from powerfull  member community.

Today, I just check my email  in google apps then see a few notification of new comment in my video. Wow, I found fantastic hit in one of my video.
I just reliazed that one of the video I upload got big hit ( for me ) since I never intend to do so :-) .

Title effect?

Sure, I think it’s exposure is  good thing.

“People judge the book by the cover”

100% agree

My metacafe video that gain big hit

Leonardo da vinci curriculum vitae

leonardo-da-vinci.jpgI’m in a hurry when I heard little story about Leonardo da Vinci curriculum vitae, being curious I do some research and wikipedia gave good result :

Leonardo’s Letter to Ludovico the Moor

Most illustrious Lord, Having now sufficiently considered the specimens of all those who proclaim themselves skilled contrivers of instruments of war, and that the invention and operation of the said instruments are nothing different to those in common use: I shall endeavour, without prejudice to any one else, to explain myself to your Excellency showing your Lordship my secrets, and then offering them to your best pleasure and approbation to work with effect at opportune moments as well as all those things which, in part, shall be briefly noted below. read more »

PHP Ternary Operator

PHP ternary operator isn’t beautiful for reading reason

It’s also make confuse, but for the sake of simple it’s OK :-)

Syntax :

( expr1 ) ? ( expr2 ) : (expr3)

If expr1 return true, then it evaluates to ( expr2 )
If expr1 return false, then it evaluates to ( expr3 )

it’s similar to if..else

if(true) {

code 1


else {



example :

// ternary operator

$james_bond_title = ($year==2006) ? “Casino Royale” : ” I forgot “;

echo “James Bond Movie Title in 2006 is : $james_bond_title”;

//if … else


$james_bond_title=”Casino Royale”;


else {

$james_bond_title=”I forgot “;


echo $james_bond_title;

Which one is your favorite ?