Insert time in mysql using now()

Simple way to insert time information in mysql is using now() now() will automatically insert appropriate depends on type, let say we have field in mysql database in these format : 1. birth (date), now() will insert current date, ex: 2007-05-02 2. birth (datetime), now() will insert current date + current time, ex : 2007-05-2 …


cvs, cvsup, portsnap and csup

Progress in *BSD world is very fast, everyday patch released, program update etc to get that update via internet FreeBSD provide a few tools : cvs, not so familiar for beginner cvsup, very famous in FreeBSD, can update ports, source even for backup purpose portsnap, only for port update, in FreeBSD tree since 6.0 csup, …


find your program with “whereis”

Many linux distro build nowadays, each distro came with spesific purpose, server, workstation or desktop orientation but still not forget to give access to shell people who run “ifconfig” in mandriva will get confuse when run same command in fedora or maybe slackware “command not found” is common message just use “whereis” command for this …


Recreate FreeBSD ports build option

As big fan of FreeBSD ports, I like to play around with ports option, like when installing php4 I was prompted with a lot of build options : kongja# whereis php4 php4: /usr/ports/lang/php4 kongja# cd /usr/ports/lang/php4 then this ncurse option will popup ===> Found saved configuration for php4-4.4.6 ===> Extracting for php4-4.4.6

View crontab entries of entire user in FreeBSD

Cron is special utility that process command in periodic time such ; doing regular backup every night email special report every week etc cron access can be usefull but sometime not, depend on the command issued. As super user we can list all of entire user crontab entries using log locate in /var/log su-2.05b# tail …