Paid Link reports in google webmaster

As my sitemap getting bigger, I’m going to update it with new one. After login to gogglewebmaster I found interesting post in their blog.   At Google, we are always working hard to provide searchers with the best possible results. We’ve found that our spam reporting form is a great way to get your input …


Yahoo! Friend, more cool emoticon

Just found new website, Yahoo! Friend Basically, this website provide extra emoticon for our YM Installation process is easy : 1. Download latest version from here 2. Double click to start install 3. Click Next 4. Click Finish 5. Near environment, click the icon and start send new emoticon

Spread Link : OpenBSD, Network

Some interesting site : OpenBSD section in kernel panic (Redundant firewalls with OpenBSD, CARP and pfsync, OpenBSD as a mail server, The Squid and the Blowfish, OpenBSD as a domain name server, Network monitoring with Nagios and OpenBSD, OpenBSD as a Primary Domain Controller) Netflow connection,  These tools provide a method of collection and display …


Save as pdf in Office 2007

I used to use openoffice to save document into pdf Recent upgrade from Office 2003 to Office 2007 make me think about native supoort of pdf . After googling I found this link : Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS This Add in for :     * Microsoft Office Access 2007     * Microsoft Office …


Free Cisco Ebook

Another googling activity bring me to a new keyword "free cisco books", I ever read about professor who write book about cisco and upload it in internet. I forgot his name but I still remember the place : yes, by typing cisco in search term I got a few result and the main thing …