How to use filter in google apps email

I hate spam and more when they know my real email address. But I need solution to stop them. Currently I use Google Apps service which use the same engine as gmail minus a few feature. First step I use is using ‘Report Spam’ that available in each email display. This solution is not help …


Change php.ini for adjust max upload file size

File too large That simple message when marketing team want to upload new support ticket that include attachment with size 4 MB. Yes, that my mistake for not adjust default max upload file size. The solution is simple : Edit php.ini file I use ubuntu and because I more familiar with freebsd I use phpinfo() …


Install pureftp with unixauthentification on ubuntu

I used to use winscp to upload file to vps server. It’s easy and I just need to keep dedicated user. Due to request for ftp support I decide to install ftp server called pure-ftp on ubuntu jaunty. Install pure-ftp # apt-get install pure-ftpd Reading package lists… Done Building dependency tree Reading state information… Done …


freebsd unzip ports

I just use gunzip as tool for unzip an .zip file at ubuntu 10.04 when I try same utility at freebsd. Now I want to try something new with utility called unzip. Try to call it ( it might be installed) # unzip unzip: Command not found. Not found, try to find installation file. # …


Warning: No configuration file found!

Try to install gammu with newest ubuntu version (lucid). smsdrc edited and lauch gammu–identify # gammu –identify Warning: No configuration file found! Warning: No configuration read, using builtin defaults! No response in specified timeout. Probably phone not connected. I check the cable and it looks fine. Check configuration file and yes, still at /etc/gammu-smsdrc Retry …


Fatal error: Call to undefined function gregoriantojd()

That error message show up when I try to install wordpress plugin. I think it must be plugin author false since I already have php date extension enabled but I’m wrong Further search lead me to ‘calendar’ extension. Look no further to php5-calendar in my FreeBSD 7.3 box I install it. cd /usr/ports/misc/php5-calendar && make …


FreeBSD 7.3 released

FreeBSD 7.3 ready to serve. From FreeBSD press release : Some of the highlights: ZFS updated to version 13 new boot loader gptzfsboot supports GPT and ZFS hwpmc(4) enhancements including support for Core2/i7 processor and pmcannotate(8) new mfiutil and mptutil tools for widely used RAID controllers NULL pointer vulnerability mitigation bind updated to 9.4-ESV Gnome …


Setting PATH for MYSQL bin

MYSQL PATH! Yes, that thing come to my mind when I playing around with MYSQL. Before setting PATH : Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600] (C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp. C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>cd c:\wamp\bin\mysql\mysql5.1.36\bin C:\wamp\bin\mysql\mysql5.1.36\bin>mysql -uroot -p Enter password: Welcome to the MySQL monitor.  Commands end with ; or \g. Your MySQL connection id is 1 …


Step by step Install Ubuntu Server 9.10

Step by step guide install Ubuntu Server 9.10 : 1. Download latest iso file or request free ubuntu CD from shipit. 2. Insert CD on CDROM/DVDROM. 3. Make sure to boot from CD/DVDROM Choose “install ubuntu server” 4. Choose Language Language chosen in this step will be work in the future use.

Howto reset mysql password on ubuntu server 9.10

New IBM server has arrived, its IBM X3100-42X. Standard install required; DNS, LAMP and OpenSSH server on  Ubuntu Server 9.10. Problem came when I forgot password for MySQL. I think the solution isn’t far from what I done in FreeBSD. First attempt login to MySQL server : # mysql -uroot -p Enter password: ERROR 1045 …


Download FreeBSD 8 RC3 iso file

FreeBSD 8 RC3 already out, ready to test for all your machine. Choose your favourite forms : BootOnly CD (disc 1) DVD LifeFS MemStick Upgrade method : cvsup, use  “RELENG_8_0″ freebsd-update ( freebsd-update upgrade -r 8.0-RC3 ) More information for freebsd-update available here. More information about this RC please read release announcement.