Problem in wp-config.php – $base is set to BASE when it should be the path like “/” or “/blogs/”! Please fix it!

Yes, the message came up when I set up wordpress multi user in my vds :

Problem in wp-config.php – $base is set to BASE when it should be the path like “/” or “/blogs/”! Please fix it!

till I realize that error caused by my common practice in installing wordpress :

rename wp-config-sample.php into wp-config.php

this is BAD.

Solution for this case :

delete all files dan re-upload

don’t touch any file, just point your browser to index.php file dan you’re in the right track bro :-)

Step by Step Install CCproxy for Your Windows XP

Howto make my windows XP ready for internet sharing?

Howto set server for my family?

Yes, that question came from my friend who has laptop and want to share his ADSL connection with his family.

I often refer to builtin ICS that windows XP provide by at this moment I’ll use CCProxy software, another software that I think easy to set and powerfull. Help me alot in setting fast server :-)

I start by explaining install steps for CCProxy :

1. Download latest version of ccproxy from here

2. Double click to install, click Next

2. Click Next

3. Click Next

4.  CLick Next

5. Confirmation page, summary of settings . Click Install

6. CLick Finish

7. CCProxy launch and ready to serve, not configured yet.

If you see this, it means installation goes well.

At next article I’ll talk about configuration step.

Stay tune :-)

Linux Kernel 2.6.27 is out : native support for my acer laptop wifi

Yes, huge thanks for atheros support in this kernel.

More changes in summary :

2.6.27 add a new filesystem (UBIFS) optimized for “pure” flash-based storage devices, the page-cache is now lockless, much improved Direct I/O scalability and performance, delayed allocation for ext4, multiqueue networking, an alternative hibernation implementation based on kexec/kdump, data integrity support in the block layer for devices that support it, a simple tracer called ftrace, a mmio tracer, sysprof support, extraction of all the in-kernel’s firmware to /lib/firmware, XEN support for saving/restorig VMs, improved video camera support, support for the Intel wireless 5000 series and RTL8187B network cards, a new ath9k driver for the Atheros AR5008 and AR9001 family of chipsets, more new drivers, improved support for others and many other improvements and fixes.

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