Delete folder name with space

Funny, I don’t realize if folder name containing space : ftp# ls -nl total 10 drwxr-xr-x  7 1005  1005   512 Apr  1 08:12  wulan 3 -rw——-  1 1005  1005     7 Sep  6 10:46 .ftpquota -rw-r–r–  1 1005  1005  4274 Sep  6 10:46 conntact.gif Using standard tab not work : ftp# rm -rf wu Until I …


Howto install banner code in wordpress

Howto install banner code in wordpress? That question came from my friend when he get approved by freebies4webmasters. A company that pay for display banner in website or blog. He encourage himself to join this program after see my payment screnshoot : Yes, freebies4webmaster need us to install the code in 3 places and sometime …


Google Chrome

I just read about google chrome at google official blog right after upgrade my Firefox to version 3, with daily inovation around people stuff like office, browsing etc I feel very exicited with their own browser. Hmm, combine it with other google product I believe this product will hit the market. Full information about google …


PC-BSD 7 beta 1 released

PC-BSD 7 beta 1 released, many interesting feature came with this release, some of them : – FreeBSD 7-STABLE – KDE 4.1 – Xorg 7.3 – Nvidia Driver 173.14.12 – Nvidia Driver 96.43.07 – Nvidia Driver 71.86.06 For full release note click here For download iso file click here