cvs, cvsup, portsnap and csup

Progress in *BSD world is very fast, everyday patch released, program update etc to get that update via internet FreeBSD provide a few tools : cvs, not so familiar for beginner cvsup, very famous in FreeBSD, can update ports, source even for backup purpose portsnap, only for port update, in FreeBSD tree since 6.0 csup, …


find your program with “whereis”

Many linux distro build nowadays, each distro came with spesific purpose, server, workstation or desktop orientation but still not forget to give access to shell people who run “ifconfig” in mandriva will get confuse when run same command in fedora or maybe slackware “command not found” is common message just use “whereis” command for this …


Recreate FreeBSD ports build option

As big fan of FreeBSD ports, I like to play around with ports option, like when installing php4 I was prompted with a lot of build options : kongja# whereis php4 php4: /usr/ports/lang/php4 kongja# cd /usr/ports/lang/php4 then this ncurse option will popup ===> Found saved configuration for php4-4.4.6 ===> Extracting for php4-4.4.6

View crontab entries of entire user in FreeBSD

Cron is special utility that process command in periodic time such ; doing regular backup every night email special report every week etc cron access can be usefull but sometime not, depend on the command issued. As super user we can list all of entire user crontab entries using log locate in /var/log su-2.05b# tail …


no eth0 in FreeBSD?

Convention in Linux for network interface simple and clear. eth for cable connection ath or wifi for wireless connection l0 for loopback sample from my ubuntu feisty fawn box : alamsyah@alamsyah-laptop:~$ ifconfig -a ath0  Link encap:Ethernet� HWaddr 00:14:A4:70:02:3E inet addr:� Bcast:� Mask: inet6 addr: fe80::214:a4ff:fe70:23e/64 Scope:Link UP BROADCAST RUNNING MULTICAST� MTU:1500� Metric:1 RX packets:8945 errors:0 …


ZFS and FreeBSD current

Very interesting to see progress of ZFS in FreeBSD, comitted in FreeBSD 7 ( will release in 2007). This excellent job done by Pawel Jakub Dawidek with collaboration with opensolaris  for suitable patch . Many feature that ZFS offer that make me hard to blink till see last pages of presentation Pawel also give quick …


My Metacafe video

I almost forgot that I have account in, a place to publish your video, like but with extra hit from powerfull  member community. Today, I just check my email  in google apps then see a few notification of new comment in my video. Wow, I found fantastic hit in one of my video. …


Leonardo da vinci curriculum vitae

I’m in a hurry when I heard little story about Leonardo da Vinci curriculum vitae, being curious I do some research and wikipedia gave good result : Leonardo’s Letter to Ludovico the Moor Most illustrious Lord, Having now sufficiently considered the specimens of all those who proclaim themselves skilled contrivers of instruments of war, and …


PHP Ternary Operator

PHP ternary operator isn’t beautiful for reading reason It’s also make confuse, but for the sake of simple it’s OK Syntax : ( expr1 ) ? ( expr2 ) : (expr3) If expr1 return true, then it evaluates to ( expr2 )If expr1 return false, then it evaluates to ( expr3 ) it’s similar to …


Recover Your Joomla Administrator Password

Joomla is very popular CMS, it’s easy to setup and require only working php and mysql installation. A problem may arise when your administrator password lost or forgot. Can I recover my admin password or create a new one ? It’s common question in "Setting your own Content Management System" workshop. Use php md5() function …


Year Validation with PHP

This code snippet validate user input from a form : $year=strip_tags($year); if(empty($$year) || is_numeric($year) || strlen($year)!=4 || $year strip all html tags ( handle by strip_tags ) make sure the year in 4 digit (with strlen help) make sure its number not character (is_numeric) not empty (php empty function) force user enter year of birth …


Regex, nightmare for newbie

Regex (Regular Expression) is nightmare for me, validation email, pattern recognizing task always depend on regex. A few software out there will help us (newbie) to learn regex faster with “experience mentor” I like these software : 1. Regexbudy A lot of video demo PHP section 2. Regexcouch For medium level, since I’m totally newbie …


Oracle XE for network access

Default install of Oracle XE only allow connection from localhost. For network access you need sysdba access. Login as “system” with propriate password Click the arrow near administration tab Change access into “available from local server and remote connection” and followed by click “Apply Changes” See confirmation message Logout and try login from network.