Find out Hard Disk position on FreeBSD

I just replace first HD in our email server with new one, little HD to replace 500GB HD Until I forgot to copy important file in old HD to new one. My friend ask me to show my way to find out hard disk location in FreeBSD. System layout before put old HD : email# …


Looking up mirrors… none found.

I often to see that message but finally I found my mistake My mistake is…. I try only once, think if the chance not succeed in first attempt it means I fail. Definitely wrong : email# freebsd-update fetch Looking up mirrors… none found. Fetching public key from… failed. No mirrors remaining, giving up. …


Unknown setting: mail_privileged_group

Downgrade dovecot to 1.0.10 give me error : mail# /usr/local/etc/rc.d/dovecot start Starting dovecot. Error: Error in configuration file /usr/local/etc/dovecot.conf line 262: Unknown setting: mail_privileged_group Fatal: Invalid configuration in /usr/local/etc/dovecot.conf Find line 262, talk about mail_priveleged_group solution : change mail_privileged_group = mail into mail_extra_groups = mail and start dovecot service. Work

Download Manager for Linux

My wife ask me what application she can use for download file from internet. She just install Ubuntu. I used to use wget but I think it’s not the right time for her to touch command line After searching on internet I pick one D4X. Here’s my steps for installing download manager (D4x) in Ubuntu …


Stop GAMMU smsd (27)

C:\gammu2>gammu –smsd MYSQL smsdrc Log filename is “smsdlog” Stop GAMMU smsd (27) Fri 2008/06/06 11:06:10 : Stop GAMMU smsd (27) Fri 2008/06/06 11:06:53 : Start GAMMU smsd Fri 2008/06/06 11:06:53 : PIN code is “1234” Fri 2008/06/06 11:06:53 : commtimeout=1, sendtimeout=10, receivefrequency=0, resetfrequency=0 Fri 2008/06/06 11:06:53 : deliveryreport = no Fri 2008/06/06 11:06:53 : phoneid …


Could not determine the server’s fully qualified domain name

Thats message appear when I try to start apache using apachectl. #apachectl start [Thu Jun  5 16:31:33 2008] [alert] httpd: Could not determine the server’s fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName /usr/local/sbin/apachectl start: httpd could not be started to solve this problem I need to know hostname and edit /etc/hosts to put that …


Partition Magic alike : Gparted

How dual booting looks like? + It show 2 options, windows and other OS I don’t have partition magic, do you have recommendation? + Use parted, partition magic alike interface I have Windows XP with space 8 GB, I’ll shrink the partition to 4 GB, the rest for Linux preparation. How to do that? Here …


Linux for Windows User

Is that hard to install linux? I don’t wanna loose my windows, can I try linux in save way? I wanna learn linux, have idea where I must start? Well, I’ll start with this option : 1. Live CD, using live CD what you need just make sure you choose to boot from CD-ROM or …


auto and eth

Linux dns 2.6.15-26-server #1 SMP Thu Aug 3 04:09:15 UTC 2006 i686 GNU/Linux dnspct@dns:~$ # The loopback network interface auto lo iface lo inet loopback # The primary network interface auto eth1 iface eth0 inet static address netmask 255.255.yyy.0 network broadcast 172.88.17.yyy iface eth1 inet static address netmask network broadcast …


VirtualBox 1.6

Shame on me, not visiting VirtualBox for long time make my mind make tiny error in making conclusion. This project is dead. I’m totally wrong of course VirtualBox 1.6 already released. Click here to download Some interesting feature in VirtualBox after acquisition by Sun : Solaris and Mac OS X host support Seamless windowing for …


change wordpress password manually

Reset wordpress password using provided link not work, sadly no phpmyadmin available Fortunately I have shell access which is enough, using built in md5 function to generate and update the password, here’s the steps: 1. Creating md5 – Using shell Just type : md5 -s your chosen password – Make php script with this content …


$this and php

Little mistake on naming variable make me confuse for almost an hour. $this yes, $this is built-in variable that often use in OOP. By using $this, we refer to self referencing variable. More in manual <?php class A { function foo() { if (isset($this)) { echo ‘$this is defined (‘; echo get_class($this); echo “)\n”; } else { echo “\$this is not defined.\n”; } } …


Install PHP6, easy install in windows

PHP6, I thought I already have latest one. 5.2.6 but I’m wrong Quick way to try PHP6 is by installing Appserv 2.6.0, click here to download php 6.0.0-dev Installation process is the same as other appserv series : 1. Double click installer