Testing dns server using nslookup

DNS take important part in internet world as resolver for domain. The problem came when we think something wrong with it. Need to examine which server is in trouble. From this picture : There is two dns servers : In windows we can check which dns server that work well using nslookup. Steps …


mod_unique_id: unable to gethostbyname

Yes, that message display when I try to start apache inside my jail box.  [Thu Jul 10 13:23:41 2008] [alert] mod_unique_id: unable to gethostbyname(”mailserver”) To resolve this problem, just edit /etc/hosts add record for ‘mailserver’ entry, like : ::1                     localhost localhost.my.domain               localhost localhost.my.domain              email.rasyid.com mailserver Restart apache and test it yourself.

Install Djbdns on Ubuntu Server

I’m big fan of djbdns for its simplicity. After one of our server must change to vmware server and ubuntu chosen as main OS I still want to use djbdns for handling domain resolution. Searching on internet guide for installing djbdns on ubuntu give me to this link. I try to follow it and it …


Mounting Hard Disk on Ubuntu

One of our server need to reconfigure. Install ubuntu server on it and will convert other hardisk for special purpose on vmware appliance. In fact the server have 4 HD, 1 for system and 3 HD dedicated for virtual appliance. This steps taken to format and mounting : 1. See current mount point and space …


Step by Step Install AtMail Open On FreeBSD

AtMail Open, I just know if atmail have free version. Being curious on how it goes in FreeBSD box, I give it a try as my campus interface. As usual I try to record it in notepad plus screenshot for guide, perhaps useful 1. Download latest version mail# wget http://atmail.org/download/atmailopen.tgz 2. Extract and change ownership …


Step by step install wpmu in FreeBSD

A client need to install wordpress multi user to teach their employee about blog. They want it installed in their server, running FreeBSD 7 stable. Here’s step by step install wpmu in FreeBSD, might be useful for someone 1. Download latest wpmu file. wget http://mu.wordpress.org/latest.tar.gz 2. Extract and  rename phantom# pwd /home/phantom/public_html phantom# ls info.php …


Enable register_globals in one virtual host

one of my client wanna install prestashops. They want register globals off and session autostart setting to off. Those setting only applied to their store only, not affect whole setting. Because I have setting to httpd.conf I just add two lines : <VirtualHost > ServerAdmin webmaster@clientdomain.com DocumentRoot /home/clientname/public_html/store ServerName store.clientname.com php_flag register_globals off php_value …


Find out Hard Disk position on FreeBSD

I just replace first HD in our email server with new one, little HD to replace 500GB HD Until I forgot to copy important file in old HD to new one. My friend ask me to show my way to find out hard disk location in FreeBSD. System layout before put old HD : email# …


Looking up update.FreeBSD.org mirrors… none found.

I often to see that message but finally I found my mistake My mistake is…. I try only once, think if the chance not succeed in first attempt it means I fail. Definitely wrong : email# freebsd-update fetch Looking up update.FreeBSD.org mirrors… none found. Fetching public key from update.FreeBSD.org… failed. No mirrors remaining, giving up. …


Unknown setting: mail_privileged_group

Downgrade dovecot to 1.0.10 give me error : mail# /usr/local/etc/rc.d/dovecot start Starting dovecot. Error: Error in configuration file /usr/local/etc/dovecot.conf line 262: Unknown setting: mail_privileged_group Fatal: Invalid configuration in /usr/local/etc/dovecot.conf Find line 262, talk about mail_priveleged_group solution : change mail_privileged_group = mail into mail_extra_groups = mail and start dovecot service. Work

Download Manager for Linux

My wife ask me what application she can use for download file from internet. She just install Ubuntu. I used to use wget but I think it’s not the right time for her to touch command line After searching on internet I pick one D4X. Here’s my steps for installing download manager (D4x) in Ubuntu …


Stop GAMMU smsd (27)

C:\gammu2>gammu –smsd MYSQL smsdrc Log filename is “smsdlog” Stop GAMMU smsd (27) Fri 2008/06/06 11:06:10 : Stop GAMMU smsd (27) Fri 2008/06/06 11:06:53 : Start GAMMU smsd Fri 2008/06/06 11:06:53 : PIN code is “1234” Fri 2008/06/06 11:06:53 : commtimeout=1, sendtimeout=10, receivefrequency=0, resetfrequency=0 Fri 2008/06/06 11:06:53 : deliveryreport = no Fri 2008/06/06 11:06:53 : phoneid …