Download FreeBSD 8 RC3 iso file

FreeBSD 8 RC3 already out, ready to test for all your machine. Choose your favourite forms : BootOnly CD (disc 1) DVD LifeFS MemStick Upgrade method : cvsup, use  “RELENG_8_0″ freebsd-update ( freebsd-update upgrade -r 8.0-RC3 ) More information for freebsd-update available here. More information about this RC please read release announcement.

How to change proxy information on ubuntu server

New motherboard has come and I ask my friend to install Ubuntu Hardy . Everything is fine except proxy section when I try to apt-get update. # apt-get update Err hardy-security Release.gpg Could not resolve ‘;3128′ Err hardy-security/main Translation-en_US Could not resolve ‘;3128′ Err hardy-security/restricted Translation-en_US Could not resolve ‘;3128′ Err …


How to change timezone on ubuntu

One of my friend server must get reconfigure its clock each time, specially when the server get reboot after lamp problem. Until he realized the timezone is different. Here’s quick way to change it : # dpkg-reconfigure tzdata Current default timezone: ‘Asia/Jakarta’ Local time is now:      Sat Oct  3 13:02:53 WIT 2009. Universal Time is …


Detect conflicker in our LAN

Another conflicker variant force us to behave like paranoid. Any tool that might help us to detect it get more attention, specially when it’s free Detect from Windows machine : Download detector from Florian Roth, click here. Save and extract to any folder, I choose C. Make sure to run it from comman line : …