Step by step guide to upgrade your wordpress blog

Yes, another latest release of wordpress hit the blogosphere. In my dashboard I see announcement : WordPress 2.6.1 is available! Please update now. With wordpress automatic upgrade installed I see other companion above that reminder By clicking ‘Click Here’  or by click link ‘Automatic Upgrade’ I’ll upgrade my blog. First screenshot after click the plugin.

Detect more than one device for gammu

Another device for sms gateway has arrived, its Nokia 6070 I have connect it to server and need to configure : Steps taken to do that using gammu are : 1. Edit gammurc file, for example : [gammu] port = /dev/ttyUSB0 connection = at115200 [gammu1] port = /dev/ttyUSB1 connection = at115200 2. Detect it using …


Step by step install wpmu in FreeBSD

A client need to install wordpress multi user to teach their employee about blog. They want it installed in their server, running FreeBSD 7 stable. Here’s step by step install wpmu in FreeBSD, might be useful for someone 1. Download latest wpmu file. wget 2. Extract and  rename phantom# pwd /home/phantom/public_html phantom# ls info.php …