Performancing, blog with ease

I just upgrade my firefox from version 1.07 ( I know it’s quite old ) to firefox 2.0 Smooth download and nice impression “I just Feel like use Opera” in first touch. Then I try to see add-ons for Firefox 2.0 Impressive, first sight is Blog tool named Performancing Even though the review not so …


Livehttpheaders, give me more info please

Download file from internet is fun, it’s make software distribution easy, hassle free for me The problem come when our download manager not working as expected, cookie, session etc that validate downloading process force me many times to do old fashion way for download . After reading blog ( I forgot the link ) , …


Do not fix something ain’t broken

I have use freebsd since version 4.7 out . So far I’m happy with the box. I’m rarely doing make world, only if needed . Many friend of me ask about possibility replace freebsd to something famous like Linux, solaris etc but I don’t Why ? I’m satisfying customer , why I must move to …


Google Blog Search

I like read blog, very interesting to see someone posting “unique” approach to solve their spesific problem after hours, days even month. Today, I just see new google product Google Blog Search Looking for “freebsd” I got this blog PHP security blog Very Helpfull blog Thank You Google

Google Maps for My Village

I used to use maps only in Geography lesson While visiting my village and see interesting view, our knock down house This knock down house is real house . They build the house exactly what see in their place. I just try to build google maps for my village. Quick search in google pointing me …