Add Password Protect in MS Word 2007 Document

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Learning Groove

After testing ms groove for two days I think this application is rocks. I’ve been using ftp along with blog to collaborate with other team member but  groove make it’s fun. As usual I like to make hand dirty but with some resources to read and practice here’s the lists : 1. grooveuser, blog, forum, …


Yahoo! Friend, more cool emoticon

Just found new website, Yahoo! Friend Basically, this website provide extra emoticon for our YM Installation process is easy : 1. Download latest version from here 2. Double click to start install 3. Click Next 4. Click Finish 5. Near environment, click the icon and start send new emoticon

Setting Multiple Ip / Ip Alias in Windows XP

[amazonify]0596528353:right[/amazonify]Single ethernet address can be assigned with multiple IP. In unix/linux word this feature called ip alias. I don’t know this feature name in windows. I post this because my friend work in a company who has multi lan connection and ask me if how he can get multiple address for his ethernet card laptop …