Opening port remote desktop on firewall

Due to change of branch location make my friend need to remote his computer (windows xp) office for efficiency, we discussing about using remote desktop in reality. Remote desktop use port 3389 so the schema to remote is : outside –> port 500 –> firewall forward –> 3389 Since load balancing policy, specific address need …


Powerfull Windows XP CD

Common job for technician is installing operating system. All packs contain with all CD, CD windows xp for example, cd for photoshop, cd adobe reader and others program in separate CD. When installation job become routine I need little tool to help me for making my windows slim. I got the answer : nlite nlite …


explorer.exe error, time to fix or replace with freecommander ?

sigh….another error message telling me that my explorer.exe error I can’t imagine it working without explorer till I found this link, 5 windows explorer replacements other solution not satisfy me : explorer.exe error howto remove explorer.exe problem reinstall my windows,…no after testing 5 windows explorer replacment, i think i like the other

Install SSH Server in Windows XP

Being sick, no internet access available plus no new movie to watch, my friend ask me for shell account in freebsd box. He said for education purpose, wanna learn about ssh. Why not try it in windows? thats my question after see his Acer notebook. Is it possible? he reply I don’t know, need to …


Scan lan mac address with Angry Ip Scanner

In my posting about ipconflict, I got mac address of computer that try to use my ip address, now it’s time for Angry ip scanner to help me find which computer Here’s the steps : 1. Download Angry Ip Scanner here and arpmac plugin here 2. Double click ipscan.exe, select Options -> Select Columns

Ipconflict, knowing your secret admirer

Doh, another pop message from tray saying I got ipconflict, need to resolve this problem fast. My question list : Who use my ip address ? What should I do to get clue for my secret admirer ? Here’s my step to find the clue : 1. Open control panel and double click at “Administrative …


Speed up your Internet Connection in easy way

Many internet user, including me, rely on ISP to take care all things for stable and fast internet connection. Starting from conection speed aka bandwidth, phone line till dns issue. Is there anything I can do as client to make my internet connection experience faster ? That question make me hunting for more information with …


Windirstat, Explain Harddisk Work in Easy Way

I myself still feel amazing on how harddisk work such ; where is the data located? how fragmentation looks like Still a lot of question left Yesterday I found interesting software that might be able to answer my question Here’s Windirstat work for Some Windirstat feature from Author site : The directory list, which resembles …