Browsershots, compare your blog/web compatibility

Just found browsershots, their aim is to provide clear view on how blog / web site rendered and display in various browser. Complete and enough for me as we need it for make testing standard. Recommended for curious designer Check out their screenshots to see people test it.

Wine 1.0 release and Firefox 3 download

Yes, June 17 2008 Two big software released : 1. Wine, get mature in each release. Today they release version 1.0 2. Firefox 3. Wanna get involved in spreading firefox 3. Today is the right time since they release version 3 release today. Download now! Wine 1.0 Firefox3

Partition Magic alike : Gparted

How dual booting looks like? + It show 2 options, windows and other OS I don’t have partition magic, do you have recommendation? + Use parted, partition magic alike interface I have Windows XP with space 8 GB, I’ll shrink the partition to 4 GB, the rest for Linux preparation. How to do that? Here …


VirtualBox 1.6

Shame on me, not visiting VirtualBox for long time make my mind make tiny error in making conclusion. This project is dead. I’m totally wrong of course VirtualBox 1.6 already released. Click here to download Some interesting feature in VirtualBox after acquisition by Sun : Solaris and Mac OS X host support Seamless windowing for …