$this and php

Little mistake on naming variable make me confuse for almost an hour. $this yes, $this is built-in variable that often use in OOP. By using $this, we refer to self referencing variable. More in php.net manual <?php class A { function foo() { if (isset($this)) { echo ‘$this is defined (‘; echo get_class($this); echo “)\n”; } else { echo “\$this is not defined.\n”; } } …


Install PHP6, easy install in windows

PHP6, I thought I already have latest one. 5.2.6 but I’m wrong Quick way to try PHP6 is by installing Appserv 2.6.0, click here to download php 6.0.0-dev Installation process is the same as other appserv series : 1. Double click installer

Setting path for PHP CLI

What is that for? my friend asked my a question after lunch. Well, install php using file from php.net don’t automatically set environment path for php location. As result we must type full location of php.exe each time we must execute php from command line. Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600] (C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp. …


Reset Cacti Password, step by step

My other staff  ask me password for username admin. Yes, its administrator level in cacti. After hardy trying to remember I gave up, I decide to reset it to other value but how? I try to find out using database approach : Here’s my steps : 1. Checking for cacti location and see db setting. …


PHP OO tutorials

Best way to learn scripting / program is easy. Just write the code and see the result. With the progress of OOP approach in field recently for our team make its ‘hard’ to adapt such change in mindset : Procedural vs Object Oriented Programming With case codeiginter,  we must learn the basic of OOP in …