Spread Linking : ZFS

While waiting for FreeBSD 7.0 release Sun ZFS breaks all the rules Solaris ZFS Performance (compared to VxFS, Linux Ext3 and W2K NTFS) An OpenSolaris/Linux Mashup Apple to use Sun’s ZFS in Leopard Just wondering average file system in datacentre, OS etc Like Amazon, do they use spesific filesystem, OS likewise

Retrieve/Recover Windows XP or Windows Vista key

My friends laptop got crash till he must buy new harddisk, before erase and completely destroy the harddisk he ask for his CD key. He use original Windows XP Professional, same as me ( I use campus agreement hehehe) After doing search in internet I got few software that able to retrieve Windows XP key  …


DNS service, freedom to manage your server

A lot of scenario in my mind with "free" things around domain, hosting and email which is DNS. There is many provider offer DNS management for free like : zoneedit mydomain dnsexit these provider offer dns management that you can use for  : Hosting your blog for free at awardspace, pointing your email at google …


Some mysql sql basic command I must remember

I use phpmyadmin in daily environment, do I still know  sql command? My sql file too large, it’s hard to import using phpmyadmin, please help me Some question around mysql from my student, my false make them spoil using phpmyadmin all day long Here’s my answers : 1. Command to create database create database databasename …