Install PHP on DragonFly BSD

PHP is my another concern when I study an OS. Since many project we did in the past use PHP heavily.  PHP 5.2 is another ‘can’t move on’ requirement for many project of us and available in check list. DragonFly BSD dports also offer PHP same as I expect : Checking available PHP version in …


How to use DragonFly BSD Ports (dports)

How to install software in DragonFly BSD? that question came into my mind after I successfully install version 3.6 on my VirtualBox. I know about pkg_add and ports on FreeBSD so I guess I need to know about how ports work on DragonFly BSD and install a software like Apache on this opportunity. In fact …


Configure SSH Server on DragonFlyBSD After First Time Installation

I used to access server via ssh after first time installation of an server and since I use ‘common’ IP then I get famous message. Get rid of that message : $ ssh-keygen -f “/home/alamsyah/.ssh/known_hosts” -R /home/alamsyah/.ssh/known_hosts updated. Original contents retained as /home/alamsyah/.ssh/known_hosts.old Then I try ssh $ ssh alam@ The authenticity of host …


Install DragonFlyBSD part 2

At previous post I already show about requirement and installation steps of DragonFly BSD till configure area. In this post I’ll continue with Configuration of system. Lets get start. DragonFly BSD provide the options via ‘sysinstall’ looks like interface as seen on this picture. Configure TimeZone Click on “select timezone” to configure timezone.