methumbnail.jpgHi,My Name is Alamsyah Rasyid aka alamster ( I like to find new friend like friendster did), try to enjoy my life while studying and learning on demand.   Study Chemical Engineering for my degree (diploma and master) but make money for living by doing web programming using php and system administration around *bsd and linux :-)

Using this blog as media to improve my english language, maybe sometime I have to make scientific journal and I must prepare for that moment.I also maintain my Indonesia blog in http://alamsyah.rasyid.net as place to learn how to write effective and informative.

I’m also reiki master, learning reiki just for health – try to discuss and share about reiki at mailing lists.

Now, I live with my beautiful wife Nike Febbysta Andaru in our lovely house in Palembang.

Thanks for stopping by and looking my page. My email : alamster at gmail dot com Enjoy :-)