New Ubuntu Desktop Checklist

Long time no update on this blog. Feeling sad but also get blessed in same time icon smile New Ubuntu Desktop Checklist

My old netbook get retired due to battery and screen problem. Windows license attached to my machine also useless on that case. I need to work and decide to get old friend help. Ubuntu desktop. Yes, I also use Ubuntu but for server only when FreeBSD not accepted by client. I need to setup my new environment quickly and make document for future reference.

I use Ubuntu 13.04 with these software :

  1. VirtualBox; I need this software for experiment purpose. Try new OpenBSD, NetBSD and FreeBSD folks. I hope I can create more post icon smile New Ubuntu Desktop Checklist
  2. gphpedit; notepad++ replacement . Sublime text is another option but I think its enough at the moment.
  3. Shutter; screenshot tool also need to documentation.
  4. Blue Griffon; wysiwyg html editor. I need it for quick html.
  5. Xampp; apache, mysql and php installer.

Beside the software I need to learn shortcut too. CTRL+ALT+T is my friend for terminal access icon smile New Ubuntu Desktop Checklist