Content Dragon WordPress Plugin

There are so many ways you can actually do to increase your page rank. Search Engine optimization is one of the most effective ways to help you get higher page rank and more traffic. The problem is, to make such articles that have been carefully selected the words for search engine optimization is not easy. You have to be really understand the way your visitor think, and which words will they choose to find what they are looking for related to your website or blog.

Now, with the content Dragon WordPress plugin, the automated content post that you can find at, you will be able to easily add and post free keyword targeted articles to your wordpress blog. They are all from your Word Press Admin Control Panel.

Those articles have been verified one by one by the editors for the quality and the ownership, so you don’t have to worry for finding identical post at the other blogs. Once you have found the article that suitable for your blog on the database, the process is easy, you just have to copy the file into your plugin directory, loging to your WordPress admin panel, go to the plug in tab, click activate in the right column, find the articles by search for it.


  1. The content is very important for blogs and sites for internet marketing as these are read by search engines. There should be a very balanced ratio of keyword density. Major search engines usually read and want newer information and updation.

  2. I just submitted an article to content dragon. It was easy to do. I am building content for my website. I hope to see my article in the rotation when I search for articles this week.

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