Install VirtualBox on Ubuntu Intrepid lbex

I have install vmware server at other hardy heron box, due to limited access I want to install virtual box for my recently download solaris 10.

After upgrade to ubuntu 8.10 I have chance to try newest virtualbox in my desktop.

1. Modify sources.list

nano /etc/apt/sources.list

2. Add this line

deb intrepid non-free

3. Get public key before doing update

apt-key add sun_vbox.asc

4. Update source

apt-get update

5. Install from shell.

apt-get install virtualbox-2.0

Finish, I’m ready to test solaris 10 in my ubuntu intrepid icon smile Install VirtualBox on Ubuntu Intrepid lbex


  1. sorry, after installation i can’t see the virtualbox icon on my menu…
    and there is no binary file to execute virtualbox-2.0 from shell..
    any idea?

    thanx before

  2. To start the binary file from the shell, you need to type VirtualBox. I just checked it.

    Also, considering you are using Gnome, VirtualBox can be found under Applications – System Tools.

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