Install FreeBSD 6.3 stable and 8.0 current inside FreeBSD 7 Stable

Time is up, I must set a server for my staff for their learning needs, they want root account. Not sudo icon smile Install FreeBSD 6.3 stable and 8.0 current inside FreeBSD 7 Stable

After seeing more in internet I came across to jail solution. See in internet for more practical examples and put them in a list here.

Due to limited hardware I install new machine with this flow :

1. Install FreeBSD 7 stable (get latest snapshot April 2008)

Full Video and link for download video files.

2. Inside FreeBSD 7 I install FreeBSD 8 current  (from snapshot April 2008).

Full video and link for download video files.

3. Install FreeBSD 6.3 stable inside FreeBSD 7 (from snapshot April 2008).

I download iso and mount it in /mnt :

home# ls

.cshrc                 .profile
.k5login                                6.3-STABLE-200804-i386-disc1.iso

home# mdconfig -a -t vnode -f 6.3-STABLE-200804-i386-disc1.iso  -u 0

home# mount -t cd9660 /dev/md0 /mnt

home# cd /mnt

home# ls

.cshrc                  RELNOTES.HTM            media
.profile                RELNOTES.TXT            mnt
6.3-STABLE-200804       bin                     proc
COPYRIGHT               boot                    rescue
ERRATA.HTM              boot.catalog            root
ERRATA.TXT              cdrom.inf               sbin
HARDWARE.HTM            dev                     stand
HARDWARE.TXT            docbook.css             sys
INSTALL.HTM             etc                     tmp
INSTALL.TXT             floppies                usr
README.HTM              lib                     var
README.TXT              libexec

download from ultradesic.

Modify /usr/jail/root/.cshrc and /usr/jail2/root/.cshrc .

Add this  :

set prompt = "FreeBSD8 %~ %# "

to let me know where I’m icon smile Install FreeBSD 6.3 stable and 8.0 current inside FreeBSD 7 Stable

Video for install FreeBSD 6.3 and link to download video files.


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