Enter Your ebay PID

Recently I’m installing wordpress plugin for getting ebay auction data called phpybaylite.

As usual process for install the plugin in wp is easy except for finding information in plugin configuration : ebay PID

After figure out the way, finally I can find my ebay PID, here’s the steps:

1. Login to cj account, pick ebay from drop down list of ‘My Advertisers’.

ebay1 Enter Your ebay PID

ebay2 Enter Your ebay PID

Click GO.


2. Pick any link, for this example I choose ‘Text Link

ebay11 Enter Your ebay PID

Click on ‘Get HTML‘.

ebay21 Enter Your ebay PID

3. Below ‘Link Type’ you’ll see PID, in this case ‘2896417’. This number is the one you looking for, called as ebay PID.

ebay3 Enter Your ebay PID

4. Enter the number into wp-plugin configuration and click update to save your information.

4 Enter Your ebay PID


 Done, you can use it to display ebay auction for your niche category icon smile Enter Your ebay PID

P.S : Link for download the plugin :

Lite Version, support only USA

Pro version, support many countries plus other great feature. I use that as my country got reject from ebay USA.