One Extremely important tips for blogger

Some of my friend already take decision for resign from their company as they wanna express more in their blog. Some of them already successful publisher in adsense and affiliate world. Is that good?

Yes, it is. But I think as they progress getting better and better they still need to focus while thinking about insurance and health.

Eye, as basis of their job need special attention. I myself wearing a special glasses. Main feature of my glasses is blocking radiation. I just the proof of this glasses by seeing the demo. Eye specialist put a few glasses on the table, maybe 4 and then put radiation meter for every glasses. Start from cheap glasses I can found on the street till last one.

Their apparent is identical but when I see the result, I’m shocked. Everyday operation in front of computer for more than 3 hours make our eyes degrade slowly because we get radiation from computer screen. After that demo I pick one anti radiation glasses and now I feel comfort using it while I still doing my job.

Better prepare yourself for eye protecting  than you have to do eye surgery like eye refractive surgery.