Niche blog or general blog?

For some person, they treat blog as business tool. Take care the blog seriously and making full list of segmentation.

Niche Blog

Talk about specific issue and backed by blow owner expertise, serious blogger will try to make pillar content before try to monetize it. John Chow for example, blog about anything he like and post useful entry that help people. I think his blog become general and use very good strategy for his business leads to generate good amount of money.

General Blog

Like my blog, I used to talk about system administration, web development and traveling. Become wider everytime I found something that I like to write. Try to monetize it with amazon and google adsense just for covering hosting fee, domain renewal and internet expense.

Some lists that I like to try for next month are :

  • Experiment with targeted ads, with geo location.
  • Experiment with different wp plugin
  • Studying google analytics

By studying continent and behavior of my visitor I can decide to expand my post that gain high audience or make some posting series.

In my opinion, I’ll stick with general blog icon smile Niche blog or general blog?