Distro News 2008, January – Week 1

Whats new in this week?

My friend in Australia ask me that question, we known each other after long discuss around linux and unix world.

His question refer to newest distro news, I refer him to distrowatch. I myself like distrowatch but as iso maintainer in our campus I prefer to make my own summary. Start from this year, I try to make continous post around linux/unix iso.

Ok, start from week 1 in January 2008 :

1. Linux Trixbox, released version : 2.4.0

Download iso : trixbox-2.4.0.iso (656MB)

2. Linux Mint, released version : 4.0 Fluxbox CE Beta 028

Download iso : LinuxMint-4.0-Fluxbox-BETA-028.iso (513MB) and LinuxMint-4.0-Debian-ALPHA-023.iso (695MB)

3. Mepis Antix, released version : 7.0.1

Download iso : antiX-M7.01-base.iso (installable LiveCD using fluxbox, 177MB), antiX-M7.01.iso, (309MB)

4. SME Server, released version : 7.3

Download iso : smeserver-7.3-i386.iso (529MB)

5. Kanotix, released version : 2007 RC 7

Download iso : KANOTIX-2007-THORHAMMER-RC7.iso (701MB).

6. Gobolinux, released version : 014

Download iso : GoboLinux-014-i686.iso (667MB)

Source : Distrowatch