Plan for Trying Debian

Just stumble upon on distrowatch news titled "From FreeBSD to Debian GNU/Linux".

I know that feel, when you must set a server in quick then I love simple and quick way. After reading the news I’ll try to set up full server like I use to build with FreeBSD.

Just need to play around with debian style with their apt-get.

Can I install apache 1.3.39 with php5 and mysql 4.0.27 with apt-get?

What about downgrade php5 to php4 in the middle of operation?, I like ‘stable’ application. Thats why I choose djbdns, qmail ( I don’t use anymore for some reason) and pure-ftpd.

Just make it simple guys, better know your fav OS will help you to make decision. But I still need to install debian for workshop reason icon smile Plan for Trying Debian

Which OS is good for server ?

depend on your knowledge, make sure you know it closely icon wink Plan for Trying Debian

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  1. apt is very nice when you’re managing loads of servers, for example it enable you to kept them up to date with the security patches with almost no effort.

    of course your choice become limited, this is the cost of manageability.
    There are two solutions; first to create your own customer package (better), or second to install your choice from source.

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