ASUS Eee PC, One Laptop Per Adult

asus ASUS Eee PC, One Laptop Per AdultWhat a product, I see my friend who use ubuntu call me to list all participant for pre-order  a portable PC from Asus called "ASUS Eee" which is sell start from  $200. I think  he is joking since the only cheap laptop project I knew is One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) but after googling for while then I found it’s true that there is a product  by ASUS. Laptop for adult icon smile ASUS Eee PC, One Laptop Per Adult

Yes, I must admire the only limitation in this product is  "storage". But with external HD that spread nowadays thats storage limitation is not big thing to worry. Perhaps Ubuntu + ASUS Eee will be a good tandem. Choose Dapper version for longer official support from Ubuntu plus outstanding support from Ubuntu community with their great list of howto.

"Ubuntu Dapper + external HD + ASUS Eee PC will result  the real ‘Eee‘  " :

1. Easy to Learn, Work and Play
Learn the latest technology without a technical manual! For easy hands-on, the Eee PC offers two modes of intuitive user interface design: the easy mode and the full desktop mode in order to accommodate both experienced and inexperienced PC users. The Eee PC is also Windows XP compatible.

2. Excellent Internet Experience
Built-in WLAN connectivity allows users to stay connected for dynamic Internet usage on the go. With the Eee PC empowers users to share photos without waiting till one gets home; connect face to face with just a few clicks; enjoy online entertainment live; stay on top of emails for high work efficiency and more!

3. Excellent Mobile Computing Experience
The 7” Eee PC 701 weighs at a featherlight 0.89 kg, with large flash-based storage capacity and built-in webcam for compact mobility with wireless freedom. The special solid-state disc design based on built-in flash-memory gives the Eee PC a great shock-proof advantage over traditional notebook PCs allowing extra flexibility and a worry free mobile computing experience.

With this specs :

EeePC 701 Specification
CPU & Chipset: Intel mobile CPU & chipset
OS: Linux/ Microsoft Windows XP compatible
Communication: 10/100 Mbps Ethernet; 56K modem
WLAN: WiFi 802.11b/g
Graphic: Intel UMA
Memory: 512MB, DDR2-400
Storage: 4/ 8/ 16GB Flash
Webcam: 300K pixel video camera
Audio: Hi-Definition Audio CODEC; Built-in stereo speaker; Built-in microphone
Battery Life: 3hrs (4 cells: 5200mAh, 2S2P)
Dimension & Weight: 22.5 x 16.5 x 2.1~3.5cm, 0.89kg

wow, definitely buy this one.

Hey mate, count me in  for pre-order list icon smile ASUS Eee PC, One Laptop Per Adult

Link & Picture : Asus


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