Fast WordPress Upgrade with Instant Upgrade

My nightmare is over icon wink Fast Wordpress Upgrade with Instant Upgrade

no more afraid for :

"upgrade wordpress"

"upgrade wordpress from 2.0 to 2.1"

"upgrade wordpress from 2.0.5 to 2.2"

"upgrade wordpress from 2.1.3 to 2.2"

Everything is clear.

Finally I can upgrade my wordpress from 2.0.10 to 2.2, before using 2.0.10 I use 2.0.5 because post level plugin work well in that version till I must upgrade to 2.0.10 for security reason.

Basically upgrading wordpress isn’t difficult, make sure not touch wp-content  then everything is fine. But many of us including me still afraid to upgrade, afraid of fail, downtime effect etc.

Other factor that make me upgrade to 2.2 is widget :-). I like to try many theme and do experiment with it. What a wonderfull job done by theme designer, combination of design and coding skill.

After doing search on google, I found interesting plugin. "Instant Plugin", this theme exactly what I need. Average hosting not provide shell access, typical cpanel, whm,zpanel etc for manage webhosting. This plugin suitable for average Joe like me icon wink Fast Wordpress Upgrade with Instant Upgrade

From author site :

There’s no doubt about it: Upgrading is annoying. You must download the new version, unpack it, delete the old files, copy in the new files, run an upgrading routine.

Now for WordPress users, much of this is obsolete. The InstantUpgrade plugin provides is a easy and safe way to upgrade your WordPress automatically with a single click! (It is to say that it needs some preparations, though.) You can upgrade to the latest WordPress version, or you can upgrade to a version of your choice.

Yes thats true, single click only. Only require "chmod" knowledge.  Generally  chmod 777

Upgrading procedure  (taken from author site) :

  • Download it
  • Unpack it and upload it into your WordPress plugins folder.
  • Activate the plugin in your admin panel.
  • Now you must make lots of files writable by the webserver, using your FTP program *
    • Make your WordPress base folder writable by the webserver,
    • Make wp-admin/ and wp-includes/ as well as all their subfolders and files writable by the webserver,
    • Make all WordPress files in your WordPress base folder (except wp-config.php) writable by the webserver.
    • Make the folder work/ inside the plugin’s directory writable by the webserver,
  • As soon as you changed the file permissions, you should run the upgrade routine once (you can choose your current version, if you want). This will make the server take control of the files and protect them against being modified by other users.

Making simulation first before using instant upgrade will help a lot, I install wordpress in localhost then doing upgrading procedure above.

Once I’m sure and satisfy with local experiment , I doing backup first ( sql backup) before using instant plugin in real server.

Recommended plugin for upgrading wordpress.

Two thumbs up icon smile Fast Wordpress Upgrade with Instant Upgrade

Some usefull links :

P.S :

Version 1.0-alpha1 need testers, really cool feature :


"The InstantUpgrade plugin has gained very much attention and positive feedback during the last weeks. Now it’s time for a new era: I’ve created a version of the plugin that will make the installation and usage significantly easier. While with 0.x versions it was neccessary to change tons of permissions on most hosts, the new version offers file transfer via FTP with the users credentials, so no permissions must be changed at all!"


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