10 High PR Blog offer Free Back Links

Sigh…, I ever reach PR 5 in 2004 but still don’t get the point what this is for.

In simple sentence "Google PR is standard measurement about how important your website / blog", the higher number is best. Many ways people do to increase their PR.

One method to increase your PR is by get free back links from high PR website/blog icon wink 10 High PR Blog offer Free Back Links

After see John Chow review page I try to find similar website/blog offer free back links, here’s the list  ( I limit the list from minimum PR 5 website/blog) only :

1.  desblog PR7, for review

Rules of Review :

Review AdesClrPicker on your blog or site. Somewhere in your review link to www.adesdesign.net/php/products_color_picker.php using Color Picker as the anchor text. (Example: Here is a nice color picker called AdesClrPicker). Post at least one screenshot.

2. Johnchow PR6, for review

Rules of review :

A review must link to this post and the blog home page using the anchor text “make money online.” Here’s an example of what I want.

John Chow dot Com is a blog that helps you make money online. He is offering to link to your blog if you review his blog.

3. Careerramblings PR6, for review

Criteria for getting a free backlink:

  • The review should link to the home page using the anchor text ”Career Development“.
  • The review should be a minimum 200 words.
  • It must have a link to this rules post somewhere in the review.
  • You must give an honest review.

Here is an example -

Career Ramblings writes many new and unique articles for those interested in career development and entrepreneur advice. If you do a review of their site, they will link to your review and send their readers to browse around your site.

4. connectedinternet PR6, for review

All you have to do to get your site listed is write a brief post or review on your site Linking to Connected Internet’s homepage, saying why you read Connected Internet e.g. ‘I love Connected Internet because it’s a great source of Tech News‘.

Once you’ve done this, send me an email with the link (list@connectedinternet.co.uk) and I will return the favour and promote your site to Connected Internet readers in batches of 5. Not only will this provide you with a free link to your site, but it will also promote your site to a minimum of 6,000 daily visitors.

5. jakeldaily PR5, for treview and top commentator.

 The rules I will do a review with a link to your site in exchange for the same in return. The blog review batch will consist of 10 reviews with link with up to thirty words. The blog review will be posted starting with the first review and then updated until reaching the 10th review then a new batch will be created. The decision is then up to you on how you would like to return the review link exchange favor on your site. Then once a month I will post one full review to the holder of the Top Commentators position.

6. jonwaraas PR5, for review

 All you need to do is link www.jonwaraas.com with the anchor text “make money at home”. Here is an example.

Simple huh? I think so..

So as soon as you review my blog, send me an email to jonwaraas@gmail.com. I will do a mini review of your blog and give ya a free back link.

7. bloggingsecret PR5, for review

The review must be at least 200 words long and you have to include a link to the blog home page and this post. You are free to link to any other posts as well. You are to be completely honest with the review – state what you like and don’t like about the site. It doesn’t matter what categories your blog covers and it doesn’t have to be in English. I will accept all reviews.
Once the review is done, send me an email with the URL to your review. After a half dozen reviews or so, I’ll make a post like I did in The Reviews Are Coming In with links to all the reviews.

8. ghacks.com PR5, for review


I’m offering you the chance to receive a link from my site in exchange to a link from your site. The only requirement is that your blog is registered at Technorati so that we both benefit from the link by gaining authority from Technorati. You do get a link from an authority site which might drive some traffic to your site and raise your ranks in Google as well.

You do not have to create a complete post about my site but this would be appreciated. The only thing that I want to make you aware of is that I will link to five blogs in every post that I make. I will write about your site in this post so that every reader gets the opportunity to visit your blog.


9. netbusiness  PR 5, for review

I’m offering a free backlink (in the same style John does) for anyone who reviews my blog on theirs whether positive or negative. I’ll be doing one better, however, and selecting one of the reviewing bloggers per week and do a review on my blog as well. So not only do you get a free backlink, but depending on the quality of your review you may also get a review on my blog also.

Simply write the review on your blog (containing at least 1 link back to my site) with whatever length of content you want and then contact me with the URL. That’s it

10. techlivez PR 5, for review

Guidelines for participation!!

1-You must have a blog with atleast 10 quality post and more than one month old.
2-Blogs related to technology,gadgets,mobiles are preferred.
3-The content of the blog must be in your own language ..no plagiarism please.

If your blog satisfies the above criteria then what are you waiting for , do a review of this blog and get linked


As I see jakedaily will get more traffic in future since he also offer review for top commentator of the month, which means : visitor must subscribe to his feed to monitor whats new section icon smile 10 High PR Blog offer Free Back Links

Update :

Some useful link related to backlinks :



  1. hey ways to get high PR ranking of our site it is really very helpful for increase the traffic rank.

  2. Finally idon’t understand how to increase our PR. and i’m Newbie in SEO.. this is my site my Blog can you help me or give me Tips and Trick how to increase Page Rank. thanks

  3. INteresting stuff. I am not personally convinced that PR is relevant to ranking well – and therefore gettin traffic TH though. Look t some of the key search terms in any niche for page one of google and you will find many are PR2/3.

  4. For my type of website, Pagerank really isn’t a huge factor.

    Most of my competitors are PR0 or PR1 but this is probably because this is a local website for local people.

  5. I am not personally convinced that PR is relevant to ranking well – and therefore gettin traffic TH though.

  6. Well, the “male money online” no.1 spot is currently occupied by a PR2 blogspot blog. No John Chows anywhere on the first page.

  7. I think that it is possible to succeed with link inputting to russian sites between pr 3 – pr5.

    Helen Graham.

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  9. Thanks for sharing an useful information. But, please can you update this list. It has been long time, you haven’t updated the list. Well, I am newbie and I want to increase my travel website’s PR. So please can you help me out by providing the sufficient high PR blogs. Thank you. :)

  10. this is nice post …I really like this and I also very nice page Rank I am trying.good and great collation .thank you for this sharing all the world peoples so any way your web site is have a great page Rank .

  11. I like this post and website because I very help full your information .thank your for the good sharing .

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