tada mono yasui mono wa nai, free is the best

Wow, amazing post from John Chow

I just trying to find dynamips idle-pc value experiment until my google reader see update from John Chow update today. He give his story in single pdf. 101 of John Chow making money formula given to you for free.

“tada mono yasui mono wa nai” (nothing cheap than free) icon smile tada mono yasui mono wa nai, free is the best

Other interesting story today is from Dosh Dosh,
Tell about improved version of related post plugin which I see that in rss feed. Very good info and incredible plugin.

Blogging overhead cost, Darren talk about cost of blogging. I ever read about some bad effect after blogging specially for losing social life in one of top 5 contest.

Thinking a lot about bring traffic, changing theme, monetizing, find good keyword, grammar for people who don’t use English as daily language. Sure it cost much.

Just rambling post after unplug…plug…unplug internet connection.

Time for my thesis will come. Hysys utilization and mass exchanger network subject. Another challenging work.