Install WordPress in Localhost

Some common question :

  1. Is it possible to install wordpress in localhost?
  2. What is localhost?
  3. What software need to make localhost?
  4. What is installation in localhost looks like?

Answers :

1. Yes, wordpress can be install in localhost

2. Localhost is special place in your local computer, no internet connection needed, as long requirement meet then you’re welcome to test any server side script like php, specially wordpress in your own computer.

3. Software need to make localhost is varry, for instant and easy configuration you can use appserv, xampp, wamp, phptriad, just install the software then your localhost is ready

4. Watch this video for howto setup localhost using appserv followed by installing wordpress in localhost

Download Video


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  3. When I export the xml file, it’s a file that opens up into a browser. But on your tutorial, it’s a folder with subfolders.

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