, online source for chemical engineers

Since 1999 I’ve use as source for monitoring about new technology in chemical engineering field and mainly for price index icon smile, online source for chemical engineers

At that time offer free magazine for 12 month subscription  and they real. Since I live in Indonesia I think this magazine won’t send their magazine to me. I’m wrong, I got 9 magazine that make me like important person in campus since latest price index included in the magazine is key component for my senior paper.

Today, I visit again, so many new progress in the site, specially their blog is the important thing for me . Keep my eye on engineering field make me feel good. Welding, quenching, piping stuff, hysys, matlab, plant integration, dynamic simulation and environment issue.

My Favourite resource list in random order :

  •, for properties and patents
  •, for matlab product
  •, for optimization stuff
  •, for modelling

just learn on demand, find interesting stuff, doing, have fun icon smile, online source for chemical engineers

Start from process integration …

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