Knowing your host setup

Maintain large customer need special trick, specially with “security in mind”

Many free host ( support php and mysql ) set restriction policy for security reason. Then phpinfo() is your friend to find out setting in server host.

Just make simple file in browser :

save it as info.php



see it from browser

for example : click here

11 Knowing your host setup

Pay attention to those directive :

register_globals = Off

Safe mode = On

In many hosting place (paid hosting) the values are :

register_globals = On

Safe mode = Off

register_globals effect :

Need for coding using super globals

$session_data=$_SESSION['session variable'];

Each source need to identified it’s source.

GET, POST, SESSION, SERVER need to handle in that way.

it’s good for security.

How about “safe mode” ?

icon smile Knowing your host setup

I’ll continue in other posting, I have to sleep now