Blogging 101, part I : How to start

In my latest post about blog phenomena I have mentioned about “old grandmother or old grandmother” who like to keep in work mode. They full with experience and very wise, maybe an old post office staff want to share about his life. How he build his career in the office, challenge in work, happy or sad moment etc.

A mother who get bored spend all the time of her life in front of TV show, an actress who want to share her famous secret story or a young scientist who want to track his daily activities before get famous :-).

All of them can share their expression in blog world but many of them don’t know how to start.

Some Common question :

“How to start?”

“What should I do?”

“Is it difficult?”

Don’t worry, starting from little thing and act now!

First Step

Get free account in wordpress or blogspot.

Make sure you have an email account, you might consider using Yahoo! if you dont have one.

Step 1 :

Click this link to register account in wordpress.

Fill all required information and click “Next” button.
1 Blogging 101, part I : How to start
Step 2 :

Choose your username and title of your blog then click “Signup” button.
2 Blogging 101, part I : How to start
Step 3 :

Check your email and click provided link to activate your account.

3 Blogging 101, part I : How to start

4 Blogging 101, part I : How to start

Congratulation, You got account now icon smile Blogging 101, part I : How to start

5 Blogging 101, part I : How to start

Write down your username and password but don’t worry if you don’t you still can see your account information in mailbox.

8 Blogging 101, part I : How to start

See you next time icon smile Blogging 101, part I : How to start


  1. Nice. But when are you going to tell us how you got that 10 years of free hosting at huh, good pal, huh? ;)

  2. I learned how to make a blog just in a minutes. At that time, I really didn’t know how should I do anymore with the internet facility in my Flat., I was tired of surfing, tired of seeing my friendster, tired of opening my e-mail. That’s all my routine job. Then one of my friend told me that I could write in internet and sharing my knowledge, or everything I want to.

    Then I found Blogsome, they told that blogsome is the combine of wordpress and blogspot and the best blogsite this year, I don’t care with that. most important things that I can share my knowledge through internet. That’s all.

    And now, what I’m thinking is, I think everybody should understand how to make blog, no matter what their job is, not only IT people but also all people from all fields including teacher, businessman, technician, engineer, all people, and this is a compulsory for them, for us.

    C’mon, take an only 5 to 10 minutes to read how to make a blog. Then, start your posting, tell world about yourself, Introduce yourself, share your knowledge, give contribution to your field, educate your yunior, your young generation, then build a better life. Build A Better Indonesia. MERDEKA.

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