mig33, IM based GPRS solution for long distance lover :-)

Today, I have chat with my friend who work in Doha, Qatar

He ask me about possibility of using mobile phone or smart phone to help him communicate with his wife with reasonable fee

I just think about one name “mig33″

From mig33 website :

mig33 allows you to make cheap calls, send inexpensive SMS messages and chat online with people, all using your mobile phone. But more than anything, mig33 is a mobile community that’s connecting people from all over the globe, and helping users save on their phone bills.

mig33 already reaches over 200 countries and is getting bigger all the time. Every day, we deliver millions of messages and tens of thousands of phone calls to satisfied users all over the world. And mig33 just keeps getting better.

Our global network currently extends across many continents to countries including the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA. We are constantly expanding to make sure we’re able to keep providing you with the best service and rates.

To become part of this community and start saving on your call costs today, all you need to do is take a few minutes to install mig33 on your phone and register as a user, and you’ll be off and away!

Pre requirement : mobile phone that can run Java and can access the internet (MIDP1.0 or MIDP2.0 with access to the internet by GPRS, 1X or 3G

Note : If your phone can play games and view internet pages, you’ll most likely have a phone that’s compatible with mig33.

1. Join mig33 , very clear documentation on the website

2. Read their FAQs

at the end You get :

  • Free 1$ AUD , you can use it for free sms or make call
  • Talk to friend with YM or AIM

P.S : mig33 recommend Nokia Series 60 Symbian mobile phones or late model Sony Ericsson (using Java Midp2.0) mobile phones.

Also from their wiki

Compatible Mobile Phones for mig33

Submitted by drupal on Mon, 2006-08-14 04:57.

Here is a list of mobile phones that are compatible for mig33.We have tested a huge variety of mobile phones and recommend mobile phones like Nokia 6230, Nokia 3230, Nokia 6630, Nokia N70 or Sony K700i, Sony W800, Sony P910i and Sony K500i for running mig33. However, mig33 will run on other mobile phones as well.

I have tested mig33 with my Nokia 3230 to chat with my friend using YM

It’s working smooth, very recommended software for your mobile phone .